Tuesday, November 9, 2010

prayer mountain in Rizal (Gethsemane)

I never thought that there is a prayer mountain in Rizal. My mom and two of my neighbor ask us (with my bf) if we want to go to Gethsemane or they called it "prayer mountain", and because we are curious we go with them. In the side of our subdivision, they said there a way going to the mountain. We walk in a rocky road. And because Montalban is near in mountain expect it that there's a lot of trees and to my surprise we saw different kind of stone (just like a marmol). So, we get some stone and bring it our house. The road is not quite good but its better to have this than walk in tall grass. There's also houses in the side of the road, one of my neighbor is our tour guide, she say that a lot of people living in this area. And it's true. I feel that I've been in our province at that moment. You can hear the birds singing, the flow of the water falls, and of course you can smell fresh air. The road is steep, but its okay. It took an hour to reach the prayer mountain. When we get there, we saw a retreat house. If you want to think or you want a peace of mind this is the best place that I can recommend. Not far from the city. There a small church in a mountain. And you can see a painting of Jesus praying. This trip is very worthwhile. You'll never regret once you go there.

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